Sandhill Cranes Parents and Chick | Jeet Sukumaran

Sandhill Cranes Parents and Chick

AMAZING experience! So, I was using my kayak to stalk a Great Blue Heron in the marshes at the other end of the lake behind our house and the guy kept drifting deeper and deeper into the marsh, till I could not follow any more (less than a 10th of an inch water, and chock full of vegetation; next time, I am getting a push pole!). So I turn around to head back, when I see these guys almost right next to me! A pair of Sandhill Cranes. AWESOME!!! I spent a while photographing them, watching them alternative preen and forage. But folks, this is just part of it. What happened next is EVEN more remarkable ...

After a while, I realized that there was more to the picture, so to speak. I realized that there was a little fuzzy yellow blob between them .... it was A CHICK!! AMAZING, AMAZING, AMAZING!!!! The parents were moving around, foraging in the water and feeding the little guy. Can I say again: AMAZING, AMAZING, AMAZING!!! Absolutely fantastic experience.

(Note: I have, perhaps obviously, not done any noise reduction/removal on any of these. I am thinking I should? Masking out the foreground etc. is going to be some work. But I will say it is testimony to the 6D's high-ISO performance that these were taken at ISO 600 and then have had +0.8 to +1.2 EV added in post)

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