OS X Terminal Taking a Very Long Time to Start

For a week now, opening a new tab or window in OS X's Terminal application has been major palaver, sometimes taking up to a minute. CPU usage would shoot up (mostly/usually by WindowServer, but sometimes by kernel_task). It was driving me nuts. I practically live in the Terminal (or the be more accurate, Terminal + Vim), and usually spawn a new Terminal window several times in an hour for everything from using R as a calculator to opening files for viewing to actual development work. With this slow Read more [...]

Locally Mounting a Remote Directory Through a Firewall Gateway on OS X

Download and install MacFUSE. Download the sshfs binary, renaming/moving to, for example, "/usr/local/bin/sshfs". Create a wrapper tunneling script and save it to somewhere on your system path (e.g., "/usr/local/bin/ssh-tunnel-gateway.sh"), making sure to set the executable bit ("chmod a+x"): #! /bin/bash ssh -t GATEWAY.HOST.IP.ADDRESS ssh $@ Create the following script, and save it to somewhere on your system path (e.g., "/usr/local/bin/mount-remote.sh"), making sure Read more [...]

Disable OS X Time Machine’s Continuous Local Snapshot Backups

I recently emerged from a hard drive failure with minimal loss of data: between Git-mirrored project files and Apple's built-in Time Machine backups and a little bit of luck (only a couple of hours had passed between my last Time Machine backup and the crash), almost everything was saved and restored. With the new system, I moved to OS X Lion 10.7. While for a long time now my plan has been to move to cloud-based backup (such as SpiderOak or CrashPlan), I decided to stick with Time Machine for Read more [...]