Estimate Time for Job Completion (With Progress Updates) When Tar’ing Huge Directories

For the sake of future me, I am recording this here, the coolest shell trick I’ve learned this year:


tar cf - /folder-with-big-files -P | pv -s $(du -sb /folder-with-big-files | awk '{print $1}') | gzip > big-files.tar.gz


tar cf - /folder-with-big-files -P | pv -s $(($(du -sk /folder-with-big-files | awk '{print $1}') * 1024)) | gzip > big-files.tar.gz

with output looking like:

4.69GB 0:04:50 [16.3MB/s] [==========================>        ] 78% ETA 0:01:21

Requires ‘pv’:

Reproduced from this Superuser answer here:

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